Elyia is an Australian owned, Melbourne based silver jewellery company which was founded by Tenille in 2014 for two reasons; she was never able to find rings to fit her small fingers and she had always been drawn to simple and timeless jewellery. 

The idea for Elyia came about when Tenille was working overseas in India with her 9-5 job, and with time on her hands she started researching in her hotel room. On the way home she made a stopover to Bali, Indonesia where she met many silversmiths and suppliers, and on her return began creating the website, branding and packaging.. and the rest is history. 

Tenille wanted to include a little bit of India in the journey, so chose the name Elyia (pronounced e-lie-a) which originates from the Tamil word meaning ‘simple’. We aim to bring you exactly that - simple, beautiful and affordable pieces you can wear everyday. Elyia’s designs are versatile, and can be worn night or day, for work or play, stacked or solo. 

We hope you love your Elyia jewels and as always if you have any questions or feedback please reach out at info@elyia.com and we'll get back to you.